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“I’m Gonna Marry You!”

  …Is what Tyler adorably shouted out to Katy at the end of his goodnight Rehearsal Dinner Toast the night before the wedding. It was decidedly {by me and all of the other girls-and probably also guys-in the room} the best and sweetest, most perfect proclamation he possibly could have given. And he was right. […]

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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. {Katy and Tyler. Sneak-Peek #1…}

Two things: 1) Katy and Tyler, if ever there were a couple who we more wanted to be like, it would be you; and 2) WHOA. Just whoa. {….Okay, that’s not enough. AMAZINGPERFECTBEAUTIFULWONDERFULGORGEOUSAWESOMEFUNBESTDAYEVERANDSWEETESTWEDDINGEVERRRRR!!!} …{…Okay, and}….. 3) EVER. ________________________________ We’ve been working on your Sneak-Peek, and I must say. I picked sixty pictures. I was trying […]

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“The best thing that’s ever been mine.” Jeff and Katie’s Wedding.

{Alternate Title: Get Yust to the Noyes. Jeff and Katie’s Wedding/Best Day of their Lives/It-was-so-incredible-they-couldn’t-even-stand-it/No Other Day Will Ever Compare and Not Just Because it was their Wedding} Don’t they have the ideal last names for a wedding tagline? I think so. When we got down to Houston the night before the wedding, there was […]

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