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Believing in Fairy Tales. Amanda and Michael.

“We’ve always believed in fairy tales…Come celebrate our happy ending!” Their Save-the-Date joyfully proclaimed this, complete with pictures of Amanda and Michael as kids, dressed in their fairy tale Halloween costumes (or in Michael’s case, what I must assume were his really cool Superman pajamas). The sweet silliness was there, but behind it was also a […]

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Camille and Todd’s Wedding Day

You know when you watch The Notebook and realize that Allie and Noah at the beginning of their relationship have the EXACT same love that you felt when you first fell in love? [We all know that I talk about that movie waay too much, but I made Will watch it with me on Valentine’s […]

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Next Up…

Camille and Todd’s Wedding! [Your heartbeat should begin to quicken right about now.] Um, yeah. Kiiind-of a big deal. Here is a sampling of what is to be posted in the next couple of days and why I love this wedding. ___________________________________ 1) One of my most favorite room shots of all time. This is […]

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