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Kayla and Kyle’s Wedding, Part II. A Beautiful Night.

The Day-Portion of their wedding was posted this morning (read it here first). But now comes the best part: their Reception at the Omni Hotel. You may not even feel like reading all of my comments because the pictures will show how much fun everyone had. As promised, Kayla and Kyle got to view the […]

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Kayla and Kyle’s Wedding Sneak-Peek | Making You Want to go to a Wedding.

We are always so pumped up after we’ve finished a wedding. Tonight it is 1:57am. We just got home from Dallas a few minutes ago (Rachel and Chris’s Wedding, and it was definitely on my good-wedding list. Two thumbs up), and the songs the band played continue on in my head along with images of […]

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Daniel and Stephanie’s Wedding | Part II: City Club

Soooo many pretties. After including so many, I had to cut it off because it was like…pretty overload (actually, you can never have too many pretties; I just had to keep the post somewhat reasonable in length…not sure if I succeeded-haha). If you haven’t read Part I of their story yet, you should. But I […]

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