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Made for each other. Karin and Christopher.

Just so you know, this is probably the longest post EVER. You maaay want to get a snack or to read this in sections or to take a mind-break every twenty pictures. Haha. ____________________________ Karin and Christopher Anyone can tell this isn’t puppy love. It’s forever-love. It’s “I know all of your faults and I […]

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Paige and Joey. “Olive You.”

Another lil’ sneak before the big show. __________________________ Get excited…Paige and Joey’s MOST PERFECT WEDDING EVAH is alllmost ready!! We are VERY thrilled to share it with you and had to immediately post these few favorites {from my big post that I’m in the process of finishing up} after getting home from tonight’s wedding (puts […]

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Daniel and Stephanie’s Wedding | Part II: City Club

Soooo many pretties. After including so many, I had to cut it off because it was like…pretty overload (actually, you can never have too many pretties; I just had to keep the post somewhat reasonable in length…not sure if I succeeded-haha). If you haven’t read Part I of their story yet, you should. But I […]

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