The InstaBooth Experience: A Photo Printing Station For Instant Gratification.


The InstaBooth, An Instagram On-Site Printing Station-Slash-Photo Booth Alternative for Dallas/Fort Worth Events:

(This sentence is being taken down on 1/31/15. Get ready for it:

Regular InstaBooth Pricing: $750. Black Friday Special Pricing Currently $599.

Extended through 1/31/15.)

What it’s for:

- An Instagram Printout Station for Weddings (obvs!), Holiday Parties, Corporate Events, and Retail Events Needing Added Social Media Presence.
You’ve always wanted to print out your Instagram pics (WHY don’t they have polaroid phones yet?!? I don’t understand this).

- Instagram printing is pretty much everyone’s dream come true. You can give them that gift.



What You Get:

- 4×4 Square Images with an adorable white border (or 4×6 Images with your wedding logo at the bottom).

- Double Prints of every photo posted (yes, EVERY photo! If it’s too inappropriate we can set it aside for you and you can make the cut later-haha) with your wedding hashtag.

- Three Hours of This Magical Experience, and…

- Immediate Popularity. If, for example, on the couples’ scale of coolness you were a 9-out-of-10 before, this puts you at a 20. Just ask, um, everyone.


Regular Price For Three Hours: $750. Add Additional Hours: $75/hr. Add Unlimited Extra Copies For Guests:  $175
Black Friday Special for all bookings from now through 1/31/15: $599

Oh, Wait! Another Cool Thing to Want is on Sale!  20×20 Square Collage of your favorite 16 InstaBooth Images after the wedding:Loose 20×20 Print: $165. 20×20 Gallery Wrapped Canvas from 16 Instabooth Photos: $275.

Your 20×20 Loose Print Ships out to you as soon as you select your favorite 16 images!


Why it’s cool:

A) No one else you know has done it. And I mean NO ONE. For now. If you want something fresh and different while still retaining the booth-like experience for your wedding, baby/bridal shower, engagement party, etc….Feast your eyes on the GREATEST THING IN THE WEDDING WORLD FOR 2015-2018: The InstaBooth. Slightly better than a regular photo booth** because it’s new, exciting, and VIRAL (And for the moment, it’s cheaper. So that’s good too).


B) Your guests take the pictures themselves. As many as they want. And then they print out. And then they take them home as the best wedding favors. EVER.
C) Also, since it’s captured on their own camera phones: no awkward weirdness (unless, of course, they like the weirdness…). No Camera Shy-ness. Acceptable wedding behavior not {necessarily} required.
D) Adds a creative outlet to the wedding for your guests and gives a whole new dimension to the atmosphere (Example: At our last one, the bride’s dad announced the InstaBooth during his welcome speech, and as soon as the words “…and they print out right over THERE!” came out of his mouth, there was an audible gasp in the room. And that was when I knew we had something).
E) Instant Gratification for everyone, more guest pictures for you! We’ll have your copies (or scrapbook, if you do one) put in your getaway car at the end of the night, which you get to take back to your bridal suite and pour over together while laughing at all of the hilariousness. Trust me, there will be hilariousness.
F) Ohhh, there are many other awesome things about this InstaBooth. No one else we know of in Dallas/Fort Worth (or Texas) does this yet, so that’s an added bonus. You can email us (info {at} for all of the additional details and upgrade options (think tiny little wire bound 4×6 mini-books for the guests to take home; a giant white frame with your 40 best images created that night, in front of the guests, put on display at the InstaBooth Station, and sent home that night for even more ridiculously immediate gratification; and some other really cool photo eye candy that might be cool).
(^^That’s Meh. (Translation: Me. My Instagram feed, that is.)^^)

(^^Yes, that’s a cat at the bottom right. No, he’s not at a wedding. But he knows how to take off the cat door cover, so I am pretty sure you’ll be thrilled to watch.^^)


(**But yes, we DO still offer our two other photo booth options, and those are currently on sale through Wednesday as well! Inquire for special pricing and book by 12/3/14).

Want More Descriptive Language-O-the-InstaBooth? We started our InstaBooth interest a little while ago and posted about it here. After having added a lot of extra features and upgrades, this page is the updated version of our original version back in 2013.

Oh, and PS: Follow me on Instagram (LaurenAves) to stalk the Instabooth and to get a first-peek at our weddings, portrait sessions, our extremely adorable gaggle of cats, pretty things we come across, and other randomness.

PPS: #HashtagInstaBooth. #InstaBooth.

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