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Joy and Michael

This was one of those weddings that completely swept me away. We became so emotionally attached to everyone involved and fell in love with everyone, and I will tell you: nothing beats that. Absolutely nothing.  ______________________________ To describe Joy and Michael and how they are together would be like trying to describe…space, or the ocean, […]

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Oh, look. It’s Annie and Andrew’s Sneak-Peek!

Oh, how I love it when the groom cries when he sees his bride for the first time. Watching the progression of images of his expression as she approached almost made me cry, too. They had originally planned for his back to be turned as she walked up, but as Andrew said, “I just couldn’t […]

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Aaron and Jessica | Sneak-Peek

I would leave this at the top of my blog forever if I could. On the day you get married, you are more radiant than you have ever been. Jessica and her Dad can’t hold in their emotions right before they get ready to walk down the aisle. Alone in the hallway of the mirrored […]

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