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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. {Katy and Tyler. Sneak-Peek #1…}

Two things: 1) Katy and Tyler, if ever there were a couple who we more wanted to be like, it would be you; and 2) WHOA. Just whoa. {….Okay, that’s not enough. AMAZINGPERFECTBEAUTIFULWONDERFULGORGEOUSAWESOMEFUNBESTDAYEVERANDSWEETESTWEDDINGEVERRRRR!!!} …{…Okay, and}….. 3) EVER. ________________________________ We’ve been working on your Sneak-Peek, and I must say. I picked sixty pictures. I was trying […]

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Melanie and Blake’s Wedding. A Love Story Gone Right.

Yay, yay, yay!!! I am so excited to finally get to post Melanie and Blake’s wedding on our blog. This has been a long time coming (like, for real. These have been already prepped in the cute way and in the “perfect” order {that I’m all OCD about ;)}, with our logo and the curved […]

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Ali and Ryan’s Wedding.

Wedding! Wedding! Wedding Time! At Houston Oaks Country Club, and it was SO beautiful. {Sorry it took a day longer than we thought for the blog post, everyone! We literally kept editing for an entire extra day in order to include the full story in the post. If you’ve ever worked on photographs before, you […]

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