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All I Want Forever Is You. Alli and Stephen’s Wedding.

{When reading this story, see if it reminds you of the beginnings of your love. It so reminded me of mine…} ___________________ Their Beginnings. {From Alli’s point of view} The first time she saw him, she was eleven years old.  “I don’t remember the first time we met, but I will never forget the first […]

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Joy and Michael

This was one of those weddings that completely swept me away. We became so emotionally attached to everyone involved and fell in love with everyone, and I will tell you: nothing beats that. Absolutely nothing.  ______________________________ To describe Joy and Michael and how they are together would be like trying to describe…space, or the ocean, […]

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Kayla and Kyle’s Wedding, Part I. It’s a Beautiful Day.

I know there have been many of you who have been diligently checking this blog every day for awhile now, hoping and waiting to see Kayla and Kyle’s SPECTACULARLY FABULOUS wedding on our blog. You probably started to lose faith in me, wondered if I had skipped over their wedding, and finally, started checking the […]

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