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High School Sweethearts | Jon and Christina

Christina and Jon’s wedding was the “Happily Ever After” to their fairy tale romance. After years of imagining, hoping, and planning, it finally happened, and what a magical day it was. And I’m literally talking years. Just like Will and me, they started dating in high school and have been waiting and waiting until the […]

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It’s Almost Ready… | Christina and Jon’s 2nd Sneak

I never really liked playing Hangman in school. I much preferred cheating at “Thumbs-Up-7-Up” (How did you think I always won? It was only to prove a point that the game truly insults most children’s intelligence). Maybe it’s because for some reason I can’t stand the way that chalk feels on my hands. Or maybe […]

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Christina’s Bridal Session

This is my favorite kind of bridal session. I love the natural feel of going out to an open field. No background distractions, and nothing but the focus on the bride and how amazing she looks in her dress. Nature is the best way to bring out your true beauty, in my opinion. And when […]

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