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Believing in Fairy Tales. Amanda and Michael.

“We’ve always believed in fairy tales…Come celebrate our happy ending!” Their Save-the-Date joyfully proclaimed this, complete with pictures of Amanda and Michael as kids, dressed in their fairy tale Halloween costumes (or in Michael’s case, what I must assume were his really cool Superman pajamas). The sweet silliness was there, but behind it was also a […]

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This is “The get-excited preview“. It comes after the sneak-peek but before the wedding post (i.e. when we are dying to post the full wedding story and it is alllmost ready {I know I always say that} but not quite yet and we can’t just include half of the pictures we chose so we select […]

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Matt and Katie. The love story.

This is the love story I have been enamored with from the beginning. Katie’s warm heart and kind words, along with her genuine excitement as she and Matt planned the hugest celebration of their lives made me feel like I already had a glimpse into their life. When we arrived that evening, the warmth was […]

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