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Wedding Day How-To: 10 Tips for Best-Case-Scenario Wedding Photography.

Let’s talk about how to have the best wedding photography EVAH. Shall we? (I’ve been writing this for awhile and finally found the perfect pictures to go with it from many of our most recent weddings! So this is a sneak-peek of sorts, too). Time to unleash the beast (me and my always-right opinions. Heeheehee….or […]

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Paige and Joey. “Olive You.”

Another lil’ sneak before the big show. __________________________ Get excited…Paige and Joey’s MOST PERFECT WEDDING EVAH is alllmost ready!! We are VERY thrilled to share it with you and had to immediately post these few favorites {from my big post that I’m in the process of finishing up} after getting home from tonight’s wedding (puts […]

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Jeff and Emily. The First Look.

These beauties were taken during Jeff and Emily’s First Look. I told you a long time ago that I’d write a post about the First Look. So if you were wondering what it is and why you should or shouldn’t consider doing this at your wedding, read on. There will be much information (and four […]

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