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Kadie and Greg’s Scrumdidlyumptious Day! {i.e. THEIR WEDDING!! EEEEEE!}

Where do I even begin?? We LOVE Kadie and Greg. We love a lot of people, but we REALLY love Kadie and Greg. I think I want to follow them around and photograph them every day just to soak up some of the happiness and joy that they exude when they are together. Plus, I […]

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The whirlwind of the weeks. And a sneak-peek.

Ahh, what a whirlwind couple of weeks! I am writing this from the ever-wonderful Cabo San Lucas (I say “ever-wonderful” as if I’ve been here a million times even though this is our first time here. It won’t be our last), where Jacob and Lindsay are getting married TOMORROW! And it. is. fun. I just […]

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Katelyn and Sam’s Wedding. Part I: An Afternoon of Excitement.

Okay. There is something you should know. Katelyn and Sam are…{dang it, why can’t I find a word more original to use than} AWESOME. I mean, that should be obvious by the fact that under “Activities and Interests” on Katelyn’s facebook page, the first two things listed are “Aves Photographic Design” (that’s meeee!-yee!) and “I […]

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