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Lauren and Lee’s Mega-ish Sneak

This one has wedding pics, bridal pics, and even a photo booth lovely in their sneak peek post. Because the wedding was so pretty and all. _____________________ True happiness is here. And here. I’m not the only one who thinks so. Lee’s Mom, Michelle, had this to say when she saw this look in one...

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The A-Team Wedding. | The part after the First Look.

We told Annie and Andrew’s wedding story up until the First Look yesterday, and this is the rest of the story of the day. _______________________ Here are some pretties I added in just because I liked them. Annie and her mom. I love the landscaping at Stonegate. The grass growing up between the stepping stones...

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Oh, look. It’s Annie and Andrew’s Sneak-Peek!

Oh, how I love it when the groom cries when he sees his bride for the first time. Watching the progression of images of his expression as she approached almost made me cry, too. They had originally planned for his back to be turned as she walked up, but as Andrew said, “I just couldn’t...

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