Winter Sale #2: The Gift Sale. Through next Friday….oh, and TRACEY’S BRIDALS!

(November 11th-November 18th: The Gift Sale)

This week’s sale is the one that EVERYONE will be able to take advantage of! Mini Gifts Galore. These are our four personal favorites that we have hand-picked specifically for gift-giving for your very best family members and friends. Making it easy for you to get something totally gorgeous, unique, and gasp-worthy at a price that also makes you happy.

Once again: If you are still waiting for your wedding/portrait images and would like any of these gifts under the sale pricing, just pre-purchase using the easy links (Now available to view) and we’ll send the order right off as soon as you’ve seen your pictures and have chosen which one(s) you’d like. And of course, we can give image recommendations for the prettiest gifts.

All orders will be ready in time for the holidays with time to spare. Ornament orders especially will be ready by December 5th (if your image is selected by next Friday, but also asap for everyone else) so that you can all enjoy your pretty new ornament on the tree for all of the holiday season.

Sidenote: My mom gets me a Christmas ornament every year and it means a lot to me (thanks, Mom! It really means a lot that you even pick the ornament based on my tree “ornament color theme” each year ). For the past five Christmases (really, my whole life and it used to just go on our family’s tree), we’ve had a new ornament to add to the tree every year as a special tradition from my mom. And Will and I also go out and select one ornament each year that “symbolizes” the year to us and write the year and why we picked that ornament on the bottom with a silver paint pen so that we can keep track of our years and look back on what we felt each year was about.

Our first married year, it was, of course, a Bride and Groom. The next year it was a camera (surprise, surprise), because that was the year that Will quit his full-time job so that we could both finally do the business full-time together. Another year, it was a key when we bought our first house together. And you’re going to either laugh or roll your eyes (and I probably shouldn’t share this online but I’m going to anyway), but more recently it was (stay with me here…it was from World Market and was REALLY cute and matched the color scheme for our tree. “Old World” red and sparkly gold, in case you were wondering) a telephone: because that was the year that the phone really started ringing. Haha, I told you it was kind-of dumb sounding. But it was more symbolic, you see? That was more the year that we began to realize that God is taking care of us by sliding each and every puzzle piece into place. You may think I’m the biggest moron ever now. Yes, some of the ornaments have been business-related because I’m a dork. Because that’s our life together and it’s what we have started building our family on (cats and all). So it means a lot to us.

The point of all of that was: Pick something that means something to you to start your first holiday tradition together. Whether it is the Christmas you were engaged (“Jenna and Nathan: Engaged 2011″ might just be the cute caption on the ornament) your first married Christmas, your first year to be almost-parents/i.e. “preggo”, or your Baby’s first Christmas. Or the year your daughter got engaged/married/etc. Just an idea…




We would like to keep this as simple as possible, so we didn’t include a ton of pictures although it took every fiber of my being to hold back on posting too many templates and ideas. Also, the ideas I found online were {frankly} not-so-pretty and I wanted to re-design each one simply to make the pictures above look more like our style. But we don’t have time for that, so just imagine our pictures in those, wouldya’?

Whichever products you choose, we will hand-select our best recommendation for images, text, and/or whatever else your product needs (unless you already have already determined this for us) and will run it by you first to make sure you love it. You will.

More Product Information can be found here at the Easy Purchasing Links.


1. Mini Accordion Brag Books. ($65 ea. or $165 for 3) These are so cute, you’re going to want three. I can already tell you right now. All images in this book will need to be vertical or cropped vertically, so leave the image choices up to us and we’ll put them in the prettiest order with the best pics (and a few details for added gorgeousness) from your session/wedding. You won’t be sorry.

2.5×3.5″ and has images on both the front and back covers. Comes in an organza bag for ultimate protection from random purse pens and gum you might eventually throw in your bag, so as never to ruin the never-leave-home-without-it-ultimate-showoff-piece. The number of images inside when it unfolds is insane: Forty-Five Images. With how good you looked in your Engagement Session, you need this many spaces to hold pictures. Also good for people who have 45 kids.

FINALLY. Something tangible you can always show your pictures off with that is better than your iphone.

2. Image Folios. (5×7 $65, 8×10 $85). Yes, these are the super-pretty 5×7 stand-up Image Folios we have on display at the studio (one is of a REALLYpretty Newborn portrait [below], one is of an Engagement Session). I know. You can’t believe the price. I may regret this later. Holds four 5×7 or 8×10 images. Grandmothers LOVE the 8×10 size, just so you know.

The Image Folio feels sooo…I want to say squishy, but it’s not…exactly. Smooth. Creamy. Matte. Soft. You want to rub your face on it. Maybe even take a bite. Don’t leave teeth marks.

Will wants me to tell you that this picture of the template doesn’t really do it justice. Mental note: take a picture of the actual folio sample and post it. If I have time. Haha. As if I did.

3. Press Printed Greeting and Thank You Cards. ($68 for 25 flat cards. Envelopes also included). Our favorite is the Pearl finish with UV coating (this is NOT a thin, flimsy card. Think thick loveliness that your friends will want to save and steal the idea from you next year). Price includes UV Coating on both sides, which is this thick gloss that makes the cards (I know it’s weird, but) smell good and feels really nice in your hands. Upgraded card and envelope options available.

After you buy the card, we’ll send you some template ideas and help you pick out your text and image(s) super-quick-and-easy-like.

4. Metal Ornaments. ($45 ea. or $105 for 3…or 5 for $155). Twelve different shapes to choose from. All you need to select is your image and text, and we’ll send you a proof of our best recommendations for the shape and design. Shape will depend on what the image allows.

Last year, we ordered SO many of these and did the same thing for every one: We used a black and white image (one of the most film-looking ones) with “Christmas 2010″ and the names of the people in the picture in a burgundy-red font that really stood out. We wanted the old-school “Tintype” feel to the ornaments (google it if you don’t know what tintype is. It’s cool).

Each metal ornament comes with a white ribbon. Make it {even MORE} extra-pretty by picking up a really pretty thick satin or organza ribbon that matches your receiver’s tree and they’ll think it’s the best thing ever.


Okay, that was a lot of information.

So here’s what you really wanted to know to keep it all nice-and-neat in your head: Which ones are my favorites, and what are the best deals out of all of these options?

Hence. A redo of the above product shots with my special notes in the margins.



I would now like to show you something that’s been just WAITING to be shared with the world. Tracey’s Bridal Session.

And for once, I’m all talked out.

Tracey, you looked gorgeous on this day and you looked gorgeous on your wedding day. Gorgeous no matter what is what you are. We love ya’, and we can’t WAIT for you to see the wedding pictures. AHHHHHH!!!! XOXO, Lauren and Will

PS-Bora Bora details needed ASAP.

PPS-You are awesome. But I’ve already said that.

Tracey Schultz - Ahhhh Lauren & Will: Thank you so so so much for just being amazing. You made the whole wedding experience that much more joyous, and I am so blessed to have met you both! Thank you for everything that you have done for me and Josh! I cannot wait to see the pictures from the wedding haha!

PS: Bora Bora was FABULOUS!!!! I’ll have to get my husband to send you guys some pictures :)

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