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    4/28/16:FLASH SALE THROUGH THIS WEEKEND!! Happy Spring, everyone!! We recently held a 30% off Flash Sale for Gallery Wrapped and Flat Canvases, and guess what?? FLASH SALE IS BACK!!! Contact us for more info at info{at}avesphotographicdesign.com.

    Congratulations, Newly Engaged Lovelies!! Yay! It seems like everyone is getting engaged lately, and we are very excited to start hearing from all of you who are new "fianc├ęs"! Just as a reminder: If you have previously contacted us about a date, we only hold dates with the contract and wedding deposit. The first person who submits their contract and deposit will receive that date.

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    Thank you for visiting our blog. I am Lauren Aves, and my husband Will and I are Aves Photographic Design. About five years ago (what?!? Not sure how that happened so fast), we moved our studio to 4909 Camp Bowie Blvd in Fort Worth, TX, (soon after which our photography business sort-of exploded; yay! This is only thanks to our God and Savior for giving us EVERYTHING; it's so obvious-how could I not state it before?), and we love our home in Dallas/Fort Worth.

    Contact us if you have any questions at all. We love new ideas, and we are so blessed to be able to work with people who really "get" the kind of work we do. We can't wait to meet you. Thank you all for this enormous blessing, and stay beautiful!

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    Portrait Availability: Due to our weekend wedding schedule, we only accept portrait sessions on weekdays. We keep all upcoming weekends open for weddings and the events that surround them. Our portrait schedule books up at around 4-8 weeks out (further in advance for popular portrait times of the year), so we recommend that you schedule your session as soon as you have decided you would like us as your photographers in order to have the best selection of dates.

    XOXO, Lauren and Will

Sarah and Jeff’s Wedding Sneak. TCU Champion’s Club. LOVE.

Okay, first of all. Getting to shoot at TCU’s Amon Carter Stadium while all of your guests can see you running around on the field and being cute together from the windows after just having gotten married = BEST THING EVER! It was SOOO much fun running around out there with Sarah and Jeff on their wedding day. Obvs.

Look how cute.


This was one of my favorites, but I also have SO many more.

PROOOO-bably one of the best photo bombs ever is below. It was a test shot, but I knew Sarah and Jeff would seriously want to keep this gem AND to proudly display it for all of eternity. So I added it to their Sneak-Peek :).

PS-I feel like you girls in the back with the dancing bouquets should be in that movie, Mystic Pizza. You know that weird, old musical/romance that is ALWAYS at the top of the Netflix suggestions even though you’ve clicked “Not Interested” every day (maybe that was just me….and maybe I’d also already watched it and didn’t want Netflix to know…)?

….I totally don’t even remember if that has dancing in it. But if it doesn’t, it should. And you should be in it. I’ll tell them. And Cher. Juuuust kidding, I just looked it up and Cher isn’t even in it (oops-THAT would have been embarrassing!). I’ll tell Julia Roberts.

You can thank me later.

Here’s one of my favorite dancing moments from the night.

And this was literally, probably, THE best moment of the day for Sarah and Jeff. Married for a total of 48 seconds, and it was just about the best feeling in the entire world. Is what I am guessing.

There are SOOOOO many others that we are very excited to share. So time to check back repeatedly until we do, because you will WANT TO…. Especially to get to see how amazing the TCU Champion’s Club looks at night during a wedding reception since it is still a fairly new venue (and is a FABULOUS choice for larger crowds who won’t fit into the typical Fort Worth ballrooms). It was an exceptional day, one of the most fun nights we have had, like, EVER, and you are going to die when you see the dancing pictures. Just saying.

Sarah and Jeff, we can’t wait for you to see everything, coming up pretty soon here!


Lauren and Will

Elizabeth and Tim. Wedding Sneak-Peek.

….At the beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Downtown Fort Worth, followed by the Fort Worth Club. MANY more are coming up next, Elizabeth and Tim!! :)

Coordinated by the WONDERFUL Evie Morgan from Evco Events (LOVE!).


Lauren and Will

Katie and Chris’s Wedding. A {Your-Gallery-Is-Uploading-Right-Now} Kind of Sneak-Peek!!

A lifetime of love packed in to one wonderful day…

Was it the best day of their lives? …..Um, yeah.

This precious boy was having just as much fun as the adults that day!

A huge thanks goes to Pati Gann from Perfectly Planned by Pati, The {always amazing} Ashton Depot, First United Methodist Church in Downtown Fort Worth, Amanda with We + You Floral Design (previously The Nest, Floral Design!), and many others!
Katie and Chris (and family!), we can’t wait for you to see the rest of the wedding pictures, which are heading on up to internetland right now! I’ll be hitting refresh on the upload over and over all day today to try and make it go faster ;)!!
Lauren and Will

Danielle and Oliver. Sneak Peek.

So much adorableness!! We did an extra-large sneak-peek for this wedding b/c we just couldn’t cut it down to fewer pictures. They are ALL my favorite!

Danielle and Oliver, we cannot WAIT for you to see the rest!


Lauren and Will

Danielle Thank you so much!! We LOVE them!!

Melanie and David’s Wedding Sneak-Peek!

Ahh! Such beautifulness awaits at Melanie and David’s wedding. Here is a sneak-peek of a few faves, and more are on the way. We LOVED this wedding so, SO much!!! Yeeeeee!!!


Lauren and Will

Rachel Gutierrez These are beautiful pictures!! Where was their reception held??