They are Kate Spade shoes and I don’t know where she got them.

{7/8/12-Edited title for the hoards of pinterest people who are dying to know about these fabulous shoes. Haha. I am still getting MANYmany emails and messages a day about these shoes, and I promise; I do not know how you can get them. I would totally tell you if I did. Kate Spade. That’s all I know. Good luck in your search, wedding ladies! Let me know if you find them anywhere and I will add it to this post so that the shoe fairy can get them for you.}


We can’t show Courtney’s dress ye-et….not until after tomorrow (you’ll like it, trust me). But there is no chance that Joe is going to look at this blog tonight since it is the night before their wedding and they have a rehearsal to attend. So here’s a teeny-tiny-sneak-preview from Courtney’s FABULOUS bridal session. Which was utterly amazing. Because Courtney is.

And these are the utterly fab shoes that she will be wearing tomorrow.

Courtney and Joe, we can’t wait for tomorrow! It is finally here, and we hope that it is the best day of your lives. We have been putting your gorgeous guestbook together with the pictures you gave us over the past two weeks, and the proposal pictures are SO sweet that they almost made me cry. We hope tomorrow is like that times a million.

Everyone else, have a great weekend and enjoy some of this beautiful sun! I know we will. XOXO, Lauren and Will

Lauren Aves Hi Carla-Just saw this! No one has been able to find them; I think they must have been limited edition shoes. They sure are adorable! Good luck with your search!! XOXO Lauren

Carla Irvine Hey

Just following up on your blog comment about the blue Kate Spade shoes that were on Pinterest. They don’t seem to be on the Katr Spade website, do you know the name and make of these shoes? I would love to get them for my wedding day.


Lauren Aves Thanks so much for this! I’m sure everyone looking for them will appreciate it so much!

Reader fan Oops, I meant “romy” by LuLu.

Reader fan Thought I’d look for the shoes and I found a look-alike. They are by rory but post may be too old to find them.

Maria these are kate spade not available now

see them listed here


Diane Pridmore Kate Spade-Didi Mary Jane Navy….$298.00

Brittany Is there anyway possible you could contact the bride who wore these amazing shoes to find out where she purchased them? I’ve searched everywhere!

Lauren Aves Kate Spade. Good luck!

Teagan mooney Do u know who makes these shoes my sister seen them in a wedding mag n has fallen in love with them I just seen a photo of them again on the net n it brought me to this sight I know she would love to have the same ones for her wedding day. And I would love to get them and surprise her.

Lauren Aves My answer is in the comments below. Good luck!! XOXO

Garardo Jaimes I’ll well be apreciatte if you can send me information about the shoes that appear in your picture

Icela Hello! I just wanted to ask where did you got that gorgeous pair of shoes? I need to find them hehehe! My best friend is getting married and loved these ones, I know sounds kind of impossible but there has to be a way to get it.

Thanx a lot!

Lauren Aves I’m not sure where you can get them. I’d suggest doing a search for Kate Spade. Good luck!!

reneigh where can get i these shoes???? I love them

Lauren Aves Kate Spade. Aren’t they fabulous?!?

Mellany Please can I ask where I can find these shoes? :-)

V These shoes are exactly what I have been looking for. Is there any more information on them?

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