Kate and Jon | save the date.

Cutest idea EVER for Save-the-Dates. Right here.

The photo booth style Save-the-Dates were Kate’s idea, and no, they weren’t taken in our photo booth. We actually just brought our photo booth background to the session in Uptown Dallas, and (you guessed right) Will held up the red background for the photo-booth-style pictures. We took a few of each different sign they brought to give them some different faces to choose from, vintaged them up in post-production, and ba-am! Really cute Save-the-Dates that weren’t taken in a generic mall photo booth with digital grossness and hideous fluorescent lighting (ooh, I hope people don’t google “grossness” or “hideous photography lighting” and come up with our site. Heehee. Well, guess what? Your search failed. You can find your hideous lighting elsewhere).

Their wedding is in Chicago, but their Engagement Portraits were taken here in Dallas. Where Kate and Jon live.

The trolley that runs all throughout Dallas was waiting for us to start our vintage-style trolley pictures. Which I thought looked SO cute with Kate’s polka-dotted dress.

FYI, the Dallas trolley people? SO nice. They even moved the trolley into better lighting for me. I was very grateful.

It was like bringing a little bit of Chicago to Dallas. Or, really, bringing a little bit of Dallas to Chicago…

Love your heels in this one, Kate.

Snuggle, snuggle.

Watch out. When Kate opens her eyes…

Ba-am. Bluer than blue. Not enhanced or given any extra blue-ness in photoshop. That’s just how blue they are. Jealous.

This was taken in the ugliest corner, between two tall and plain buildings, right next to a dumpster. They probably thought I was crazy when I placed them here. But the building behind me was reflecting this amazing light. Her hair looks halo-ish and angelic, doesn’t it? I think so. Hair lit up from behind with pretty warm lighting is my favorite.

I love all of the ones we took atop this building, overlooking Dallas’s skyline. The commercial (or some kind of commercial video) that was being filmed about 20 feet away from us probably wasn’t too happy that we were there, but I think we saw them getting kicked out by security later anyway. Luckily, we had what we needed and were already on our way out when we saw security heading up. Haha-foiled again, security guards!

Beautiful, guys.

Okay, Chicago people who see this. Now you know: Not a horse or a cowboy hat in sight. Dallas is FABULOUS, just like Jon and Kate said. You can believe them.

He loves her. A lot.

Congratulations on your engagement, Kate and Jon! We are so happy for you and cannot wait to see where this chapter of your life takes you! You guys are meant for each other, and it shows. XOXO, Lauren and Will

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