Amanda and Zachary. The Inn at Windhill Ranch.

Every detail was set. Every important person in place. The day was right. The time was now.

Today Amanda and Zachary would be married.

In all of the craziness as everyone got ready that afternoon, there was still a calmness about Amanda.

And a beauty that just lingered in the light that poured through the upstairs window.

Briannah, Amanda’s daughter, was ready for this day to begin too.


There were so many intricate and precious details. So many important things to capture; each one more meaningful than the last.

This necklace, a memory of Amanda’s mother, was wrapped around her bouquet.

A bright yellow and a soft gray would accent the day, tying everything in together.

Zach was hidden away downstairs, writing a note to Amanda that would be delivered by Briannah.

Bringing the handwritten note to her mother, Briannah knew that this moment meant something.

Here is a set of details that I not only loved, but that I LOVED-loved. A lot.

Inside the barn at Windhill Ranch, the reception was all set up and waiting to be filled with guests.


Through these custom-made double doors was the open field they’d get married in.

Bridal fluff. :)

All of the guests were now waiting for Amanda to come down the aisle. Just inside the doors of the cottage, she took a deep breath and realized that this was the very moment she’d been waiting for. And for nearly five years she had imagined it to be with Zachary.

I have to say, I love it when the bride wears the veil over her face. So bridal.

One of my favorites right here.

The guests stood. And down the aisle they went.

Quiet. Pretty. And perfect.

This wasn’t just the joining of two people. This was the beginning of their new family.

The crowd giggled at the unexpected guest who made her way through the groomsmen to get a front row seat (the little kitty hidden behind my logo. He pokes his head through, actually. Heehee).

Briannah couldn’t resist. She tiptoed over and petted the kitten. Obviously I thought that this was the cutest/sweetest thing EVER.

The rest of the ceremony, there she sat. You can see her in the aisle on the right side. Front and center.

After their first kiss as husband and wife, they cried and hugged as a family.

Zach kissed his new wife’s hand, and they turned to face the crowd as a family.

Briannah carried her mom’s veil behind her as they walked back down the aisle.

The walking kiss is my favorite.

When the moment could not possibly get any more awesome, it did. A butterfly landed on Briannah right at the end of the aisle.

And now for some pretties of just the bride and the groom.

Beautiful, Amanda!

Comic book loves.

I loved all of these reception details so much.

I love baby’s breath and twine.

The ice cream was a perfect touch to go with the cake.

I must say, besides the happiness, the most exciting thing to me is that there was a great big open wall of beautiful light shining in during their first dances.


The tearful toasts.

A view from the other end of the reception.

Dancing as a family.

I included a lot of these in the post because I love them so much.

Another one of my VERY favorites.

The perfect moment…

…Turned into the perfect night.

Amanda, Zachary, and Briannah, thank you for including us in your perfect day. It was truly and honor to get to be a part of this joining of your family. We loved getting to see each moment unfold, and the ranch setting was just fabulous. We hope you have had an amazing first few weeks of marriage, and we hope you love your pictures as much as we do! We think they’re awfully pretty, but we’re probably biased ;).

These details have been some of my most favorite details of all time, and I know how much went into creating them piece-by-piece. So pretty! And so worth it. Now, to post these on our facebook page! Your full gallery is coming up next…


Lauren and Will

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