Hayley and Trey’s Wedding.

{Note: This is another one of my GIANT wedding posts that is probably way too long. I hope you like it anyway! Haha}

 Hayley and Trey: New Year’s Eve at The Four Seasons Las Colinas

Vendor Roll Call. I specifically emailed Hayley after the wedding to get the proper names of all of her vendors because every ounce of this wedding was executed perfectly. So if you are seeing a name below, you can be sure that a) I think they were incredibly professional and easy to work with, and b) their work was fabulous. And elegant. And pretty.

Bella Flora of Dallas: (AHHHHH! SOOO PRETTY! Okay, I’m done.) Florals, draping, babble/chandelier lighting (um, YES that was the best thing EVER! Do it)

Khoi Pham with ProEdit Productions: Video. We’ve already worked with him again since then, and we are, like, BFF’s now. Just saying.

Bulletproof Brass: Band. Awesome Horns. Awesome Singers.

Lighting: Switch

Rentals: BBJ LinensPosh: Chiavari Chair Rentals

Wedding Gown: Matthew Christopher, Stardust Celebrations

Shoes (because I know you’re going to ask): Kate Spade

Cakes: The Cake Guys (THE GROOM’S CAKE EXPLODES at midnight, guys. YOU WANT TO SEE THIS. Okay, it doesn’t actually explode; it shoots off giant sparklers [even cooler], and then confetti explodes all over the room. And it’s actually the New York midnight to go along with Times Square’s countdown, so really 11:00 our time. But doesn’t that make you want to see it more now??)


Hayley and Trey. They both grew up in North Texas, only three miles apart, but did not actually meet until their sophomore year at University of Oklahoma in Chemistry Lab (as I stole from their super-cute wedding website, where Hayley says, “We had Chemistry.” ;). Hayley remembered walking into the room on the first day of class and thinking Trey was cute. Really cute.

Though they were not lab partners, they worked back-to-back, sneaking looks at each other when they thought the other would not notice. But they did notice. They were sort-of drawn to each other. About halfway through the semester, they were talking to each other as they walked back to their respective fraternity/sorority houses. They realized that they had lived so close to each other growing up (without ever actually meeting each other), and something just felt right.

That Thanksgiving, Trey asked Hayley to join his family for Thanksgiving dinner. He showed off his pool and shuffle board skills as they played with his cousins, and Hayley knew that she wanted to hang out with Trey a LOT more.


Fast forward to New Year’s Eve, 2011. It was a day Hayley had always known would come, but she couldn’t actually believe it had arrived now that it was upon her.

It was definitely real, though. As real as the shimmering sparkles on the bows of her diamond-colored Kate Spade heels. I almost wanted her to click them together and say, “There’s no place like home.” (Yes, these are shoes I would most CERTAINLY make necklaces out of. And even to use as gift wrap. Inside joke between me and my faithful readers…not really a joke, but more of a weird nuance in my categorization of blog tags. To signify shoes of honor and of beauty, of course).

This Something Borrowed was Hayley’s Grandmother’s broach. It was pinned to her bouquet and she carried it with her all day.

Another thing Hayley carried with her was this small piece of fabric saved from one of the past school projects of her little brother, Jay.

Jay is an angel in heaven right now, and his presence was felt that day by all who love him. Hayley knew he was there with her, watching her come down the aisle with a huge smile and then wrapping his arms around her to congratulate her after the wedding had concluded.

Even I felt Jay’s presence there as she softly touched the fabric and her eyes filled with a warmth that was only reserved for him. He was in all of their hearts today.

This additional gratuitous shoe shot is mainly for those who are wondering where Hayley got her shoes. Ever since Courtney’s Kate Spades have been circulating the internet (and becoming somehow widely popular! Don’t ask me how except for the fact that everyone obviously loves Kate Spade and Courtney’s cute feet!), I have been getting DAILY emails and inquiries asking where those shoes came from (I’m sorry if I can’t keep up with the shoe requests, everyone! I try to answer each one I can to help a sister out*, but at the very least, you can see where I wrote that they were Kate Spade in the post’s comments. So you see, I am trying to keep up with the shoe love). Crazy how the internet can bring fame to a picture of a pair of shoes, no matter how humble or dazzling. Usually the dazzling ones get the most fame. ;)

So before you ask! You don’t even have to read this text. You can see that they are Kate Spade from the picture in which the brand name is in focus (even if cut off), and yes, they are completely fabulous.

Bella Flora. I changed my mind from earlier. I would like the bed of flowers to be made out of this.

The candles lining the aisle were quite a nice touch.

Trey and his group gathered and talked casually about, you know, the biggest day of Trey’s life. No big deal.


Hayley and her mom Holley were glowing with happiness all day long. Today there was a closeness that pulled them together even more tightly than ever before.

I just really like the shape of her dress in this one. Such a slim cut and a sweetheart neckline. It was not the type of wedding dress Hayley thought she’d get in a million years, but when she tried it on, it was completely perfect for her.

They headed down the hall for pictures, and her Dad, having just seen her for the first time today, hugged her close.

The excitement began to build, and her heart pounded harder inside her chest. Hayley was ready for this to happen.

Trey’s mom helped her adjust the veil. All of those little things she knew she’d do today began to hold so much significance. But they passed so quickly.

Like this.

And this.

The invitation looked as if it were wrapped in lace. Beautiful.

You know I love sparkly twinkly light as much as possible. The pockets of light, they call to me.

Hayley and her Dad waited right outside the church’s doors. They could see everyone sitting in the pews. They could hear the music filling the entire building.

And a smile spread all over Hayley’s entire face.

She tried to sneak a look at Trey, who was standing at the end of the aisle.

When it was time for her Dad to take her arm, she tried to be strong and to hold the tears back. She could now see Trey. The doors were about to open to him.

The moment was so powerful.

Her eyes began to glisten with sweet, sweet tears.

There was Trey and his “all is right with the world” smile. The one that he only reserves for Hayley.

The walk back down the aisle was like letting all of the air out of a very full balloon. They whooshed toward the back doors with an energy that everyone cheered for. Everyone else whooshed right after them and gravitated to them to hug and congratulate their newly marriedness.

And they cried with them, too.

As the guests mingled inside at the Four Seasons during cocktail hour, we were welcomed into a magical pavillion of warmth, sparkles, and grandeur.

The silver place settings were set. The candles were lit. The lighting bathed the walls in light pink.

Crystals dripped from the florals and from the ceiling.

The cakes (by The Cake Guys-one of my favorites!) were quite the attraction.

Especially Trey’s Times Square Replica Cake. This is what everyone did when they saw it.

The fanfare of horns brought Hayley and Trey in to the room as husband and wife.

Their first dance as husband and wife began. She gripped Trey’s hand and he led her to the dance floor.

Everyone watched in awe as they glided around the floor on a cloud of happiness.

To be surrounded by this much beauty….and to know that it is your night…She felt blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude.

Hayley’s Dad welcomed everyone, and the room tingled with excitement for the night that was to come.

And then they got to see him dance with his daughter on her wedding day.

You can see the collective breath of everyone in the background being held. Everyone’s hands are up by their chests or near their hearts as they clap and cheer for them.

After the big dances were over, Trey and Hayley got to take a look at his cake for the first time. It was one of the things that they were most excited about tonight.

You could hear the clinking of glasses and silverware, the soft jazz of the band, and the upbeat conversation of all of the guests.

One more shot of that beautiful bride’s cake for you. Creamy :).

Jay was here tonight, too.

It would be a night of fun.



And dancing!

I have already shown a picture of the Groom’s Cake as it shot off the confetti and sparklers for the Times Square Countdown, but here are a couple of other pictures I also enjoyed.

This is where the night began to take off.

Everyone sang to the band at the top of their lungs.

And suddenly there were 15 seconds until 2012…..10…….9……..


……..1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

{Horns filled the room, and laughter, and even Auld Lang Syne.}

Everyone snuggled in together, and Hayley and Trey held on to this moment. Wanting it to last forever.

And then they were all back on their feet for a final hour of pure fun. The band played with more energy than ever.

Everyone sang along.

As the sparklers rained sparks and flickered in the New Years Night sky, Hayley and Trey ran past the crowd with a feeling they’d never had before.

It was a thankful love. It was a satisfaction. This had truly been the best night of their lives.

PS-The “OU Logo” was spot-on. Just had to throw this in there! Anyone can do a heart, right?  ;)

Hayley and Trey, Thank you for having us as your photographers. We have loved getting to know you both (and your amazing families and friends!). Like I’ve been saying, this was our best New Years Eve, EVER! I don’t know how Will and I are going to top this one. It was a night we’ll never forget, but not just because the party was so great. It was because we felt a connection with you and your families that made us want to show this amazing day to you through our eyes. So that you can see how perfect your story really was. The feeling of love that surrounded the entire day and night was completely real and wonderful, and we truly felt thankful to get to be a part of something so beautiful.

Thank you for including us in this day, and thank you for being so gracious and kind to us. We have truly bonded with all of you and we hope that these pictures will be something you’ll get to feel and re-live for the rest of your lives.


Lauren and Will

*I am totally thinking of setting an auto-response to our info@ email account that says:

“Thank you for contacting Aves Photography! If you have contacted us about photographing your wedding or portraits, we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are writing to ask where the blue polka-dot heels came from that are all over Pinterest, I don’t know, but they were made by Kate Spade. Good luck in your shoe search, and if you are not searching for shoes, you will hear back from us soon!”

Haha. Or something like that. I totally would, but many would not get my shoe humor and would be offended by my lack of better shoe help. Others would get really confused and wonder if they had, in fact, contacted a photographer or a shoe-maker.

Lindsay What kind of flowers were in Hayley’s bouquet? I see roses and stephanotis but cannot tell if there is anything else. What kinds of flowers did she use in her bridesmaids’ bouquets? They are all beautiful!

Amanda We love Khoi!!! :) Beautiful wedding!

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