Amanda and Michael at White Rock.

Enthusiasm is contagious. We love it. And we love when people feel it.

Amanda is one of those kinds of people. The brightly-shining, enthusiastic kind who lights up a room and has something special about her that everyone wants to be around.

Michael could tell.

From the first time he saw her, he knew she was someone who was different from all of the rest. Something about her sparkled, and he wanted her to sparkle for him.

{Fast-forward to today. She wears a ring on her left hand. She smiles every time she sees it catch the light. He notices her looking at it when she thinks no one is looking. They have a lifetime of promises ahead of them now. Because, after getting to know who she really is and getting to have her as his girlfriend for so long, he is ready to have a fiance. And he’s asked her to marry him.}

Now she’ll be his. Forever.

She’s gorgeous and he loves her; there’s no doubt about that. But what a lot of people don’t get to see right away is their bond.

When she is around him, she gets to feel beautiful. And he gets to hold her tightly and know things about her that no one will ever know. Their senses of humor are already completely meshed together so that one can say something and the other knows exactly what they’re talking about.

Being around each other, they both light up inside.

This is exactly what we love most about our job. Getting to meet such wonderful people. Getting to see a relationship go from “Engaged” to “Married”. And getting to meet people who clearly feel exactly what I felt when Will and I were on the track to marriage. The excitement. The enthusiasm for each other and for their love. The butterfly-ish feeling of waiting and waiting to get to wake up every day next to your Husband or Wife, who you want to spend every day with for the rest of your life.

The Fiance-Stage is the best stage. So far.

The Just-Married-Stage maaaay be even better. I won’t spoil it for you.

Amanda and Michael, Congratulations on this huge and amazing time in your lives. We are so excited and honored to be a part of something that is this important to you (and to us!). You are both so kind, caring, and genuine, and we are really looking forward to spending more time with you both. Being there on the best day of your lives is just an added bonus. XOXO, Lauren and Will

Amanda Knight Thank you dearly, Lauren & Will! What a tremendous blessing you have given us! We LOVE the photos and appreciate your sweet words. You are simply the BEST!!!

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