Paige and Joey. “Olive You.”

Another lil’ sneak before the big show.


Get excited…Paige and Joey’s MOST PERFECT WEDDING EVAH is alllmost ready!! We are VERY thrilled to share it with you and had to immediately post these few favorites {from my big post that I’m in the process of finishing up} after getting home from tonight’s wedding (puts you in the wedding mood, going to the weddings. That’s how it is for us girls. Men, get used to this. You’ll go to a lot of weddings and your lady will then want more. That’s how it is. That’s how it always will be).


Wheat. Turquoise. Raw Silk. I have died and gone to heaven.


Okay, I take that back. I have not died and gone to heaven until now. Definitely now. This pair of shoes has to be included not only in the “Shoes I’d like to make necklaces out of” category, but has pushed even further into the “Shoes I’d like to use as giftwrap” domain, which was started by the ultimate in shoe-glory with Lindsay’s Valentinos. This means they’re that pretty. Obviously.

PS-Notice the sixpence taped inside (“…and a sixpence in her shoe”. They don’t even sell these anymore. Who knows where people are able to get them. Must mean good luck for Paige and Joey).

Old Glory Ranch in Wimberley, Texas was the scene for this beautiful day (thankyouGodforthesun!). As the guests watched the processional and everyone else was in place for the wedding, everything became quiet. And then. Outside the windows to the right, a galloping horse and carriage. Racing, as if to hurry and get the bride to the chapel.

I know I say this all the time, but It. Was. Perfect.

This is in my “How to have amazing Bride-and-Groom pictures” category (they have made and will make a LOT of my categories. New ones I haven’t even thought of yet will be created just for this very wedding. I love it that much). Not because I’m going to explain how they got these or tell you what to do*. But because you just have to see. Observe. And to only be this happy.

Also, having the prettiest lace dress that is perfect for you and a plaid bow-tie for the groom makes them even better.

Also, have them at sunset.

Also, have them on a ranch. In the Hill Country.

Also, make sure the sky is really blue that day.

Okay, one last “Also”…Also, there must be tall grass. And scattered wildflowers.**

“Olive You” was engraved on Joey’s ring. I can imagine them mouthing it to each other across the quad at TCU when they first realized the other one loved them too (that’s the best, when you know you’re not the only one). And today, at the front of the church where everyone is watching.

These are the wildflowers, Hill Country, and tall grass I was talking about.

Did you guys practice being models instead of having the rehearsal the night before? Seriously.

This is just a taste of what is to come. Jen and Tanner (my sweet cousin and his future bride who are getting married and love this style of wedding decor), these ideas are ripe for the picking. Take notes.

Old Glory Ranch with your little wooden chapel and log fence and windmill, you made Paige’s day. And mine.

Now hold your breath until the full wedding post is online. Or go about your life and just check back repeatedly whenever you get bored. Either one.

Can’t wait for you to see the rest!*** XOXO, Lauren and Will

*Or maybe I will.
**One more: Also, you must be happier than you’ve ever been when you’re in his arms.
***And all of the magazine editors :) :) :). We’ll take the highest bidder for this one (j/k. Or am I???).

Cheri As someone who has known the bride since her preteen years and who was at this celebration, I can attest that they are the “Real Deal”. It WAS a beyond beautiful wedding, seeping with history, love, joy and many other emotions. I’m so glad you have been able to capture this “for the ages”. I for one am truly enjoying the “slow reveal” of the wedding photos. I’m gonna have to snag your services myself up in Fort Worth one of these days! Well done you.

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